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We are a small ,  friendly and honest metal detecting club based in the north east of england. Our motto is "the club you can trust" and we have built strong relationships with landowners because of this.

We hold meetings every other tuesday at the West End Club In Winlaton.

We aim to hold club outings every Sunday throughout the year and one or two weekend rallies in the late summer as well.

A find of the month competition is held at the end of each month with finds made from club outings /rallies only being eligible for entry.

Membership is currently limited to 35 and new members are subject to probationary period and a vetting procedure. Members are not permitted to be members of other metal detecting clubs.

Liability insurance is compulsory for all members normally through the NCMD.

We maintain a good working relationship with local archaeologists and the Portable Antiquities Reporting scheme Finds Liaison Officer.


Landowners and Farmers - Do you have land available?

Our club is always looking for new land to detect on! We can enter into written legal agreements regarding permission and financial splits on Treasure finds and awards under the Treasure Act.

Several landowners have already benefited from Club members treasure awards for finds made on their land as well as donations of finds to museums such as the Great North Museum in Newcastle!

By allowing us to detect on your arable or pasture land you will not only be saving artefacts from eventual destruction under modern farming methods/chemicals but you may also recieve a payment of £5 (per person per day detecting takes place) payable to yourself/your company or indeed your nominated charity for giving us the sole right to detect on your land!

If treasure is found you will in addition to any pre-paid fees also recieve the agreed proportion of the value or award for any Treasure finds (as classified under the Treasure Act.)

Confidentiallity is assured in all dealings!

If you are interested in saving history and making money for charity/yourself by allowing small (fully insured) groups of our members to detect on your land please use the contact details on this site.

Have you lost an item of jewellery or machine part?

We offer a FREE recovery service to Farmers and Landowners in return for permission to search your land.

If you have lost an item in your garden or similar we also may be able to attempt recovery dependant on the circumstances and where/when the item was lost.

Please use the contact details on this site.

Does metal detecting damage land or destroy archaeology?

NO .... not when conducted responsibly! Our members are experienced, relaible, honest and are bound by a strict code of conduct.

Detecting involves walking across ploughed/rolled and or seeded arable or pasture land with a metal detector. The use of a metal detector causes no permanent damage to land. Artefacts are carefully extracted and ground restored afterwards. Typically most finds are in the top 6 inches of soil and as such in non stratified earth so no damage to potential archeaological layers is caused. Items are extracted using small trowels or cut down mini spades to minimise any disturbance

Any rubbish and large items that could damage farming equipment or livestock is removed and land restored.

Walking across a seeded field causes much less damage than driving a tractor back and forth and has the benefit of scaring rabbits and birds that can cause significant damage to crops!

Additionally our members are fully insured in case of accident or damage however unlikely this may seem, youn will be fully protected.

Your privacy will always be respected and countryside/metal detecting codes of practice followed.

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